Our diagnostics expertise
continues in a new form

Introducing our first automotive diagnostic scan tool in
Z series.In combination of our vast diagnostics software and world's best industrial tablet, Z5 will give you a diagnostic confidence.

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Diagnostic
  • Component
  • Fast Performance CPU

    A powerful octa-core processor for optimum diagnostic performance and fast operation to perfectly manage workshop conditions.

    Smart Operating System

    Based on Android 9 OS providing quick boot-up, multi-tasking, fast networking and enhanced system security.

    Eyellumicate™ 8” LCD

    Eyellumicate™ Display LCD provides a crystal clear view both indoors and out, offering field-optimized display under bright workshop environment.

    Eyellumicate™ Display Technology

    Eyellumicate™ Display technology enhances touch functionality and allows technicians to perform tasks with work gloves on under any harsh workshop conditions.

    Service Function

    Diagnostic software programmed by engineers with automotive technicians in mind. Regular and urgent on-demand software updates bring diagnostic confidence to the user.

    J2534 Pass-thru

    Zenith Z5 functions as a J2534 ‘Pass-Thru’ device for programming the ECUs for multiple carlines.

    24V Commercial Vehicles

    Zenith Z5 hardware accepts power & signals of a 24V system, and supports Bi-directional communications with commercial trucks and buses.

    Wireless Connectivity

    Robust connectivity allows for smart updates, quick feedback, Teamviewer Support, Bluetooth printing, browsing and much more.

    Pre & Post Diagnostic Report

    An intuitively designed diagnostic report function for fast and easy creation of the report on pre and post scan results.

    Lightweight, Robust Design

    Compact, yet rugged. Ergonomic size to hold in one hand for long periods of time. Zenith Z5 is a light weight scan tool (680g or 1.5 lbs) with sleek, ruggedized design.

  • Specification

    Category Specifications
    CPU Octa Core Processor @ 2.0 GHz
    Operating System Android 9
    System Memory Internal 32GB, RAM 3GB
    External Memory Micro SD Card
    LCD 8.0 inch FHD (1920 x 1200)
    Input Devices Capacitive Touch Screen, 3 Hard Keys (Power, Volume +, Volume -)
    Camera 8 megapixel auto-focus with LED flash
    Sound Loud Speaker | 1 Microphone; 3.5 pi standard audio jack
    Rechargable Battery Li-ion 3.8V 3200mAh
    Operating Voltage DC9 ~ 30V
    Sensors Ambient Light, Proximity, Gyroscope, Accelerometer
    Dimension 225 x 136 x 33mm
    External Port USB 1ea, USB C 1ea
    Network RJ45 Ethernet, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, B/T

    AC/DC Adapter

    Category Specifications
    Input Power 100 ~ 240V AC
    Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
    Input Currenty 1.5 A
    Output Voltage 12V DC
    Output Current 3.2 A

    Supported Communication Protocols

    CAN (High speed, Low speed, Single)
    ISO-9141, ISO-9141-CARB, KWP-2000
    SAE-J1708, SAE-J1587
    Melco Pull-Down
  • Simple, Yet Intuitive Layout
    Zenith Z5 offers a simple iconic main menu for easier and quick access to desired functions. With 3 available display modes, the user can customize the theme and button locations.
    Service Function
    Time is money. Z5 offers shortcuts to the most frequently used functions in the workshops to save time for technicians to navigate through the original menu layout.
    Auto Selection
    Zenith Z5 offers option to automatically detect the vehicle information including the VIN number, model year, model name, engine type, and other necessary information that are retrieved.
    Quick System Search
    ‘System Search’ option automatically scans all the vehicle systems, reports fault codes, and provides access to advanced diagnostic functions in each system detected.
    Data Log & Feedback System
    In a case of communication or function error, a user can log the bi-directional data transmission between the tool and vehicle control systems. This log can be sent to the software development team via the log capture & transfer function. The data log files received will be analyzed, feedback will be passed on, and a patch file update provided, if necessary, often within 24 hours of receiving the report, during working days. (Exceptions may apply)
    Pre & Post Diagnostic Report
    Z5 offers easy creation of diagnostic report with Pre-scan and Post-scan result. Not only you can save the reports as a PDF file in the internal/external memory, with the help of its advanced network connectivity, you can print the report directly with a wireless printer or send them to a desired E-mail address.
    J2534 Pass-thru
    Zenith Z5 acts as a J2534 Pass-thru device for multiple carlines with CAN-Bus, KWP2000, and ISO9141 protocols, supporting J2534 programming and diagnostics. (Exceptions may apply)
    Fast & Responsive Graphing Mode
    Z5 offers a fast and intuitive graphing mode which instantly self-adjusts maximum and minimum scale, enabling the users to observe and compare live data more efficiently.
    Full Text Description
    No more acronyms and cutting of significant texts. Z5 offers the long-text DTC descriptions in full screen, so you get all the information you need.
    Smart Update
    Z5 offers a quick and easy software update process with its strong network connectivity. Previous or latest software versions for each carline can be quickly downloaded directly from the server, as per the user’s preference.

  • Basic Kit



    Zenith Z5 Main Body


    Base unit in Black

    Main DLC Cable


    Main Cable for Zenith Z5

    AC/DC Adapter


    AC/DC (KPL-060F) Adapter

    Z5 Packing Box


    packing Box

    Quick Manual

    Expendable Part

    Quick Manual in English

    Z5 Battery


    Li-ion 3.8V 3200mAh

    Z5 Stylus Pen


    Quick Manual in English

    Z5 Stylus Pen String


    Z5 Rear Hand Strap


    J2534 USB Cable




    Optional Accessories  

    Parts available as optional supply


    Battery to DC Cable


    Power Cable

    Z5 Carrying Case


    Hard Carrying Case

    Z5 Tempered Glass Protector




    Optional Adapters 

    Parts available as optional supply


    CAN FD & DoIP Adapter


    Used to communicate with the vehicles with CAN FD or DoIP Protocols.

    Hyundai & Kia Keyless Connector


    Used for some old Hyundai and Kia models that require special connector for keyless entry remote control coding.

    TOYOTA 17+1P Square


    Used for communication with old Toyota and Lexus cars with 17+1 pin "Square (rectangular)" type diagnostic connector in the engine compartment.

    TOYOTA 17P Round


    Used for communication with old Toyota and Lexus cars with the 17-pin "Round (Semi-circular)" type diagnostic connector. Same appearance as the Mazda 17P adapter, make sure to check the name engraved on the surface.



    Used for communication with old Honda and Acura cars with the 3-pin or 5-pin diagnostic connector.

    MAZDA 17P


    Used for communication with old Mazda models. Same appearance as the Toyota 17P R adapter, make sure to check the name engraved on the surface.



    Used for communication with old Subaru cars with the 9-pin diagnostic connector. (Can be excluded from the Asian kit due to regional preferences)



    Used for communication with old Mitsubishi or Hyundai cars with the 12-pin single or 12+16pin dual diagnostic connector.

    Kia 20P-A type Connector


    Used for communication with old Kia cars with 20 pin diagnostic connector in the engine compartment. Generally used for MY cars.

    Kia 20P-B type Connector


    Used for communication with old Kia cars with 20 pin diagnostic connector in the engine compartment. Generally used for 0305 MY cars.

    Daewoo 12P


    Used for communication with old Daewoo cars with 12 pin diagnostic connector (Can be excluded from the Asian kit due to regional preferences)

    NISSAN 14P


    Used for communication with old Nissan or Infiniti cars with the 14-pin diagnostic connector.



    Used for communication with old Ssangyong cars with 14 pin circular diagnostic connector in the engine compartment (Can be excluded from the Asian kit due to regional preferences)



    Used for communication with old Ssangyong cars with 20 pin square diagnostic connector in the engine compartment

    (Can be excluded from the Asian kit due to regional preferences)

    J1939 9P + J1708 6P


    Used for generic communication with SAE J1939 compatible commercial vehicles


    ISUZU 20P-10P-3P


    Used for communication with old type Isuzu commercial vehicles

    Universal AdapterHyundai Commercial 4P


    Used for communication with the vehicles that are fitted with non-standard OBD adapters that Zenith5 standard kit adapters are not compatible

    Hyundai Commercial 16P


    Used for most Hyundai and Kia commercial vehicles. Similar to standard OBD2 connector, but the internal wirings are different. Colored light grey for recognition

    Hyundai Commercial 4P CNG


    4-pin circular connector used specifically for Hyundai CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) buses

    HINO 12P-5P


    Used for communication with old type Hino commercial vehicles

    AUDI/VW 4P


    Used for communication with old Audi / VW cars with the 4 pin diagnostic connector.


    BMW 20P


    Used for communication with old BMW cars with the 20 pin diagnostic connector.